Monday, June 25, 2012

PN Balji on the Worker's Party

The frequently insightful PN Balji wrote a commentary for the NST which Yahoo Singapore had picked up.

I think Mr. Balji missed the target this time. The majority of voters do not want a government radically different from the PAP.

What I want is what LTK and his colleagues have repeatedly emphasized: that Singaporeans should be at the center of government policies. Second, that government must successfully connect with the people. This is really basic. If you fail to connect, you fail to serve. You end up serving Singapore the concept and its pride; and not its people and the people's future.

Take the latest example which was made available on CNA. Here is what Chan Chun Sing said.

"I think we are still quite traditional - we'd like to visit our parents. But for those people who choose to do so and if they enter a private contractual agreement with some of the nursing homes beyond our shores, we hope they understand what is in it for them and what are some of the obligations that they have," said Mr Chan. 

"..we are still quite traditional" He is quite out of date. Does modern mean we abandon our parents? Many of my American friends stand by their parents through woe. They are modern and cosmopolitan. How many young citizens see themselves as modern and opposed to the traditional. When a minister talks like that he fails to connect and I am afraid gives the impression that he doesn't understand even if in person he is an extremely kind and considerate guy.


  1. one observation which i picked up while residing in a western country. Marriages do stay intact though incidences of divorces are higher than Singapore. And family values are not very different from asian values. The common thread is that family values, particularly in Anglosaxon world is more or less biblical base, not very different from Singaporeans (middle class, christians?)

    The point is I always though that marriage in the west is very much like hollywood style.

    In conclusion, the West is still hold dear "traditional" values most probably from biblical influence. we like to think that only asians have confusian values.

  2. Even the general elections during 60' and 70' were 100% free but not 100% fair,I have little doubt that majority voters supported PAP,so WP does have some models to follow.