Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting into P1 at a brand name school

I am glad my kids had cleared their PSLE years ago. Each time I look at the table display of PSLE assessment books in Popular, I feel tired. P1? Looks like the pressure keeps ratcheting up. I wonder when it will be beyond human limits. There is no solution to his problem until we are prepared to slaughter some holy cows. Actually we have to reexamine our whole compact as a society. Looks like we have to change trajectory which the government refuse. They refuse to admit the present path we are on is unsustainable. Increasingly people cope by not thinking about tomorrow as the weight on the shoulders is just too heavy. Sure, there will be families that are better endowed and positioned to take such pressure. After all the places in these elite primary schools are limited. What is missed are those who have given up and resigned to a more circumscribed future for their kids. Diminished hopes and the glass ceiling is a direct attack on a level playing field and the poison to meritocracy.

I tell my kids to define their own game. That is the only way to be on top of the game. It is silly to compete with others on the games handed down from above. Just like in financial markets, it is a bad idea to be part of the herd, especially at the rear.

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