Thursday, April 26, 2012

My children's friends have found this blog

When you maintain a blog, it is as good as living in a glass house with people walking by outside and occasionally looking in. So why not make the blog private? Because you cannot always count on Google to keep it private, much less secret. When WalMart was smaller and Sam Walton was in charge, they were honest, but today's WalMart has been caught red handed in Mexico in a massive corruption scandal. The stakes up for play are now really huge. Everyone, every organization has its price. Few are willing to to say, "over my dead body".

Yes, I have found out that more and more of my children's friends are curious enough to have searched and found this blog. No more just strangers and family. Welcome friends if you don't mind me picking my teeth here. I hope you go away with something useful.

Google's credo, "Don't be evil" will not last. Power always and eventually corrupts. The more influential and dominant they become, the sooner that day arrives. May be it is already here.

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