Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bought three Samsung Galaxy W

Have not eaten here in years: Hans @ Far East Plaza. We were here last night for dinner. Afterward we hopped across the alley to WhyMobile and picked up three Samsung Galaxy Ws. For the first time in our family all of us are using the same model.

We traded in our X10 and Ace for $180 each. I got my Ace a year ago for $198 since I just missed the IT Show offer then of $148.

The Galaxy W was selling for $390. This is more than a hundred bucks less than the street price elsewhere.

Perhaps I shall trade in my Galaxy W to the telco later this year for $200 and top up for the Galaxy S2. With the advent of the S3, I hope to get a very competitive price for it. WhyMobile is asking for $705 now.

So much optimization. I love stretching the dollar. These are small money but it is reinforcing the good habit that matters. We had overpaid $68 when we bought our first Galaxy W a couple of weeks ago. She needed the phone soonest possible then.

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