Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MP Yaw resigns as WP's Treasurer

This may be perhaps as close as we will get to his "No Comments" over the alleged adultery with a WP woman member.

To err is human. That is not the problem. The real problem is what follows. Will he behaved like King Saul had? Will he eventually decide King David was the better example, which is what Bill Clinton had done.

We ought to respect others privacy. Going public is not for our sake. It is for his sake. King David had to publicly confess because he was king. Ditto Bill Clinton because he was President. If you keep it in the dark it remains shameful and Satan will always retain the right to accuse and destroy you. If you confess and accepts the Lord's grace, you will go free. Then he will realize that nobody has the right to cast a stone at him.

He is a Christian right? The offer of the Lord's gracious love is always available as long as he lives. The ball is in his court. It was never in the public's side. We can only react as appropriate.

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