Friday, January 20, 2012

Owe Money, Pay Money O$P$

Got a rude shock early this morning when the doors to the elevator opened. In loud red, "O$P$ 12-277". I haven't seen this in the many years we were living here. We were used to them marking walls when we were living in a 3-room flat after we got married. My immediate neighbor had attracted a lot of such unsavory attention, but they were never violent like setting the door on fire or even targeting innocent neighbors.

In these bad new era, I wonder where this will lead to. I have taken a picture of the graffiti and plan to inform the Police about this. I am afraid this might only be the beginning. The household had quickly dispatched their maid to rub off all the O$P$. My guess is that they are too embarrassed to take this up with the authorities. I will have to discreetly show the picture to some of my neighbors. We must be proactive here.

Update: A very unfortunate case of mistaken identity. Was given to understand that such mistakes are becoming quite common.

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