Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Slavoj Zizek: Capitalism with Asian values

I think this guy is worth listening to. He is so powerful his interviewer was more listening than asking questions most of the time.

In this session he discussed Anglo-Saxon neoliberalism versus Capitalism with Asian characteristics. Of course he had Singapore and China in his mind. As he isn't Chinese or live in the east, I think he doesn't appreciate as closely how potentially unstable we are.

He got is right that Capitalism has lost its social compact (he used so many words when this line was good enough) and the field is now open (he is running ahead of most people on this) for something else to take over. The available candidate could be Singapore style authoritarian capitalism. He needs to come here to see that we are increasingly fed up because it is feeding an elite and retarding social mobility. The field is more dangerously open than the realize.



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