Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Wrist Watches from

Bought new watches for wifey and myself this afternoon.

She got the Sheen, making a point to get one with a metal band. On hindsight it was a mistake to buy the earlier one with a white leather band. Over time, the band developed an off white tone. We tried to replace the band but it wasn't possible :-(

This is my new G-Shock. Clearly an upgrade from my present cheapo one, which is at least three years old now. The battery is good for five years.

My wish is never to have to change my wrist watch again. This one is built with Tough Solar technology. It is not unrealistic to keep for life a mechanical Seiko watch. In this day and age, I am probably asking the impossible from this G-Shock.

This is the retail from of, the folks with the massive wrist watch site. We got the two watches from them, and was here three years ago too to purchase the ones we are replacing now.

These folks look like doing very well. They have so many online orders that they could barely cope. I don't think I should blog about the specifics of how good business is for them. Consumer E-Commerce has really taken off here.


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  3. Caveat emptor. Goods sold may not be covered by local service centre. However, shop took upon itself to repair. In my case, battery replacement on a casio watch bought barely three months ago. Most watches there are parallel imported, thus prices are cheaper.