Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freedom from a car in vast America

Early this morning when I woke up and pull aside the curtain of our hotel window, I was happy to see this white Camry we rented yesterday.

The feeling is quite different from having a car back home. Here a set of four wheels spell physical freedom. It also dawn on me that all other freedoms are difficult if not possible without physical freedom.

It rained all of last night. Happy that it wasn't like the downpour back home. The clouds have since cleared but Accuweather suggest that there is more rain at Gilroy.

Really, where we go or do each day is determined by the weather.

Over night I got emails from my brother and sister to help with some purchases. I hope I can find them. Also looking for a pair of Oakley shades for an old friend.

What a land of consumer opportunity.

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