Friday, September 9, 2011

The PAP is becoming ordinary

Any politicians in the world would behave like Zainul suggested. What's wrong with that? It is wrong because the PAP claims that their people are not like other politicians. They are supposedly better.

Exactly why the number of opposition members in parliament have gone up. Voters might not be able to articulate it but they can sense that the PAP is gradually becoming ordinary.

So voters are right and have responded appropriately, voting out the PAP team that faced the strongest opposition team.

Let's get real. Only in times of crisis will we get extraordinary men volunteering to serve for little or no reward. In normal times, politics for most is not a calling but a career. Much as we wish it to be otherwise, the reality will eventually prove us wrong.

Overall it is a terrible idea to have men and women who loved to play it safe as leaders. Leaders must have courage. All the brains and experience is useless without the ability to stare fear in the face and act decisively. Across the world, the biggest economies and most prosperous societies have had it too good for too long that it is so hard to find courageous leaders anywhere.

Update: Sep 10.

I just read an ST article about how a US air force pilot planned how she might take out Flight 93 on the way to attack Washington, and here we have politicians whose worst fear is just to lose elections. God have mercy on us to have such cowards. These types we can tolerate in the corporate world. As law makers and ministers, absolutely not. By saying, "MOST PAP members..." if they do not come out to correct Zainul, the PAP is just pathetic.

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