Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Gen Gap with George Yeo

This guy doesn't suffer from the generation gap with young people. Here he is in Beijing going to explore the city with SG students from Beida, Qinghua and the med school.

He is a great loss to the cabinet. The only one or two guys who is large enough to go beyond the PAP.

It is stupid. You can't stir the pot from inside it. You have got to climb out and stir it from the outside taking advantage of what you know is inside the cauldron.

I hope the PM is humble enough to make good use of him - often the minority voice in the PAP. As for the party being a broad church, I think he was just trying to be kind to his colleagues. After all everyone has to borrow pages from Dale Carnegie sometime or you would be labeled with some mental disorder.

We live in a world where the wheat and the weed grow together looking like each other. Even if you can tell the difference, you need to work with lots of people who can't. Actually you can't always distinguish between the good and evil. How they have interpenetrated each other. Just as well that Luke Skywalker could sense there is good in Darth Vader. Now this brings to mind the recent spat between the WP and PA the proxy for the PAP, calling each the pot and trying to prove itself the kettle.

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