Friday, September 9, 2011

Joy from rejection

My reading this morning off my Kindle. Acts 20.

We the followers of the Way do not make friends because they are useful to us. We do not seek but give everyone the chance to reject us after we are no longer useful to them.

I know one of my kids will learn this early. It is a blessing in disguise. As for me, I have learnt to take this further and further over the years. It is an unending journey which economists understand well. For them, they know an economy must grow or else run into trouble. Most problems are too painful to solve except by growing out of them. For us, we are far more fortunate because we will receive grace.

For many of my friends, I might have to wait for them to be rejected by society or even family before I can help them again. On and off some have fallen into a pit. I have helped them and when they no longer needed me, I am conveniently forgotten. We specialize in taking in the rejects and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to be rejected even by the rejected.

I am familiar with rejection, with being marginalized. To respect others privacy, I just don't write about it here. At least I can do so generally now and today is a good memory hook to retrieve the private later when I come back.

One of them even threaten to send me a lawyer's letter, a police report even because I had blogged about her earlier. As expected no letter came or a call to visit the police station. It was utterly silly of her. Why did she feel shame when there is none. We glory in the bloody Cross. He was despised. It was a despicable end to one's life. In that sense, there was shame. It was so horrific and followers of the Way would not be wearing a cross for hundreds of years.

If you have pride, you will be ashamed. If you wear the cross, you gotta leave pride behind.

No, I shall seek to glory in the Cross despite many setbacks. Time and grace make it easier and easier.

Flip the next page on the Kindle and Paul quoted from the Lord, "It is more blessed to give than to receive".

It is a joy to face rejection as the Master himself had. At the end of the day, it is not the mastery of scripture but the mirroring of his life in ours that confirm deep inside that we are his. You must try it. You can't study and know it. Whoever learns to ride a bicycle reading an instruction guide?

Now if you know the scripture too well, you risk deceiving yourself. Worse, you might not be able to resist the temptation to con others and become self deceived, thinking you have the approval of God and men. I knew that risk because I used to win at Bible quizzes. Grace kept me from ruin. It is our nature to keep wandering into the fire.

I feel that I have been given so much more grace than others and would like them to have the same portion too.

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