Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daughter's new keyboard and mouse set

The keyboard from the wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard set we took back from Dubai finally expired. There was no warning and so I am in a hurry to replace them for her.

We went to Challenger at Funan after our late dinner and got her this - Wireless Desktop 2000. This is the first time we visited the store so late. Enjoyed the quieter atmosphere of the place. Used my last $50 voucher and after parking rebate, paid only $1 cash for this. Yes, I also got the GP Recyko batteries and charger thrown in for free. Just as well that it would come in handy for my PowerShot SX150. These are better than the Energizer rechargeables they gave me at Comex. Recyckos need only about 6 hours to attain full charge and would retain up 85% of its energy even if not used for a year.


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