Monday, August 29, 2011

Tim Cook's speech at Auburn University and my thoughts on safe hands

I have heard more than once Steve Job's commencement speech at Stanford. It has gone viral. I am glad to have discovered that Tim Cook, his successor had also given one to his alma mater, Auburn University.

Looks like he has plenty of the Job's formula in him. I hope he brings to Apple something of his own to make up for the parts which is humanly impossible to obtain from Jobs. Animals, much less humans cannot be cloned.

From Cook's speech, you will realize that there isn't such a thing as a safe pair of hands, but there is time tested wisdom we can live by. For safety as we understand it means predictability. Against a world of constant change, that is a very bad idea. Safety means no room for evolution, must less radical innovation. A safe pair of hands will keep you safe for a time but at the end of the road is death.

Life is dangerous, get used to it.

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