Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lessons from the voting pattern of the Presidential Elections

It is the voting patterns of winners and losers from the policies of the PAP government. It is not a failed government, only a failing one because they have accumulated enough political reserves from the past.

They must realize that the trend is against them. It was Tan Jee Say candidacy that drew votes away from Tan Cheng Bock. I had friends who had switched away from TCB to TJS, and I have heard others doing the same.

With Tony, who believes that some people are more equal than others in the Istana, it is business as usual and therefore for at least two thirds of the voters, an irrelevant president. This guy will do shows and tell of uniting the  people, but there will not be substance. He looks like a one-term president to me. It is six long years, but if I suspend my feeling for most voters, it makes no iota of difference to me. I don't need him or even my MP.

The take away from the results is that the rich and successful want to preserve their position. Individually they are limited how they can offer intelligent and targeted help to others. They need to be organized and led. A people's president would be helpful, i.e., TCB. The fact that many in this segment did not vote for TCB tell me that our upper class is no different from many places in the world, and France might be better than us. So much for nation building. We built and then we tore it down for the sake of $$$ or GDP growth. So clever. We gained the praise of the world like never before but in reality, we are quite pathetic.

One man, one vote. Never mind the chop and rearranging of constituency boundaries; first past the post etc., Look forward to the PAP working themselves out of government eventually. They might even bring forward that day from internal divisions. Only the external environment can cause them to change course, i.e., when other societies start redistributing wealth before we arrive at a crisis point.

It is a tad complicated, but a big part Singapore's wealth is a Ponzi scheme. That is why the wealthy badly need various friendly policies from the government. These are socially unjust policies. They dare not risked and succeed in the fashion of Sim Wong Hoo. Andy Xie, my former colleague from the Sell side was on the mark. No wonder they fired him. Were his assertions rubbish, he would have been discredited instead.

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