Monday, July 11, 2011

I have joined Google+

Yesterday I joined Google+. Later in the night, I received a response to be added to the family circle from my daughter.

So far I like Google+. The default settings is private vs public with facebook. That's living Google, "Don't be Evil" mantra.

I feel that the user interface and concepts are more akin to real life metaphors. E.g., instead of making friends, you create circles of people you know. Family and Friends are present by default. You can add more yourself.

The photo album feature is superior to facebook. Basically it wrote on Picasa which I already use. I have not tested "Hangouts" but already have a few items under "Sparks", which reminds me of Google Alerts.

Zynga is not here. Neither did I find any games you can play within Google+ I would be surprised if Google would not support games sometime.

Now I need to tease my facebook friends to hop over to Google+ Circles.

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