Saturday, July 2, 2011

Evil Plans and Hopes for NaviMap

Reading this book I took from the library right now. What a gem of encouragement on pages 53 and 54.

An inspiration for NaviMap.

Don't bother if it is too achievable. It's probably not worth it.

And on pages 42 to 46 he was telling the story of his friend Andrew. How he became the unlikely successful film director. With no means to enter the business, he cooked up a story of how he was making personal and private porn for couples. That attracted plenty of attention and door opening opportunities for him.....

I remembered how I created animation on a PC along the office corridor hoping to catch the attention of my division boss to deploy me for computer work. Succeeded.

I remembered how I engineered into the position to write a book review on Scenario Planning for the company newsletter which helped me to get the transfer to strategic planning I wanted.

I have not been able to be as bold and imaginative with NaviMap. Perhaps I find the hurdle just too overwhelming.

Years later, it was necessary for the Lord to interrupt my progress. Getting back on track is life Moses after the burning bush or Jacob after he fought with that man before he met his brother the next morning.

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