Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts at the car wash

Was at the car wash again this morning. Two noteworthy things. Incredible that it took nearly 30 mins for my car to be washed. No doubt there was a queue as always but only one car more than I usually experience. No, I have a bad feeling.

This guy and his colleague (not in pic) was at the head of the process. Very nice chap, unlike the foreign youngsters that I usually meet. There is one problem I noticed though. They looked tired even if conscientious. A third member, a much younger Indian man was helpful with hurrying things along.

I felt sorry for him as I cannot also avoid feeling the same when I see senior citizens clearing tables at food courts. Perhaps they never imagine doing these jobs but now that is the reality. May be some of my friends, including myself might end up this way. Imagine if an MP or Minister speak to these folks and entertain the possibility however remote that they might one day through cruel twists of fate also working at such jobs. I imagine their attitude will go through a complete turn. An effective empathy trip. Don't think this is far fetched. There were bankrupt and poor former US Presidents. They ought to go and read more history. Even Churchill was nearly bankrupt. Guessed others cruel twists of fate saved him: World War II

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