Thursday, June 23, 2011

My daughter's EL teacher :-(

Disappointment. It is to be expected. Gems are few and far between but they really shine! Sadly you need to live with many teachers and gems can be counted in one hand.

I hope her Physics teacher gets the President's Award of Teachers. We have gone out of our way to nominate him for that award. The principal was very supportive too.

My daughter just spoke to me about her teacher's response to her work. "spelling, spelling, spelling" and no other remarks on the essay she submitted to her. How to improve? I guess she must have forgotten that she is dyslexic. Those marks are terribly hard for her to capture. To be realistic she must try to score elsewhere.

Well, she didn't submit the essay to her as homework. She wanted to do better and had written to her if she could submit more compositions for her to comment on and help her do better.

This is not the place to fill in the unflattering details. This entry like many others are prompters for our memories and to pin some significant moments in their time and place. Usually we will remember the unforgettable experience but often get the dates wrong.

Well this teacher has given me the excuse I need to go to the principal for my girl to skip her IR when the time comes. A waste of time.

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