Sunday, June 26, 2011

Comfort food for the worst days

Wifey is preparing "crunchy prawns" for dinner tonight. This is their comfort food. The girls are always unhappy the night before school reopens. Of course they feel fortunate for the opportunity to go to school even if they feel it is not an adequate place to receive an education. They had come across too many poor Chinese struggling to get into and stay in schools. One of them have ten girls from China for company and competition. They are really good and almost impossible to beat. Most of them are also older. I discovered they also work much harder than the local girls.

I think after so many years, I have achieved modest success encouraging them that first day back to school is not that bad. The feeling is always worse than the reality. Time and again, I have been right.

I don't remember feeling the same dread when I was in school.

Dinner starting soon. Three plates of  "crunchy prawns" Can we finish so many?

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