Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tsunami: Learning from History

A centuries-old tablet that warns of danger of tsunamis stands in the hamlet of Aneyoshi, Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan. -- PHOTO: AP

Failure to learn from History :-( What an awful price to pay! Why lament that Heaven is so cruel? Failure to learn from the past. 

All of us can draw valuable lessons from the past beginning from your parents. Even the most irresponsible of parents have much to teach us. And he best of parents, do not go away without adding awareness of the Lord's grace because we are not capable of being good. God tops up for good parents. He takes over from bad ones, which in his usual paradoxical way is actually superior. Well human nature makes it impossible for us to ask for bad parents. That is why we need him.

The above is hard to understand but then I am blogging for myself. Going forward there will be more such type entries.

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