Friday, April 29, 2011

What the PAP lacks: The spirit of democracy

Against many years of observing human nature, the writer is idealistic. Now if we have enough people like him, if we have the courage, let's go for it! To me, this is the basis of a first world parliament. I hope this is what the WP thinks too or we are in trouble. The problem is finding enough men and women to defend and protect these ideals. Let's grow from protecting our homes to our way of life and to our ideals. Because the PAP is so cynical of human nature, we are stuck with defending our homes. Sadly in time all of us will discover the hard way that we do not live by bread alone. We will hollow out because we lack the foundation to build a sustainable society.

Thank you PAP for taking us up till here. It does not seem that as long as you place your party narrow interest ahead of the nation, you are able to help us go much further. It is sad to see how you are daily riddled with fear rather than faith in tomorrow. That fear which possess you had infected us for too long. No wonder we are unconsciously not reproducing ourselves, which is the slow suicide of a society when defaulting to fear.

Keep in mind Ngiam Tong Dow's sagely reminder that the nation is greater than the party.

We are so pathetic because we are too afraid to grow up. Gen Y, not having had the experience to grow in fear are leading the charge into the future today. Kudos to them.

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