Friday, April 22, 2011

Retiring MPs: Odd who they choose to retire

Just quoting a bit from the above article:

Some grassroots folks still find it hard to believe that Joo Chiat's three-term MP Chan Soo Sen, 54, is actually retiring and making way for five-term MP Charles Chong, who is three years his senior.

Says Siglap South CC treasurer Yeo Teck Ser, 58: 'Mr Chan has no airs around him. He will come for activities small and large alike. It was unexpected that he would go because he did well. And he's still young and can contribute for one or two more terms.'

Odd isn't it especially when I compare this to the lousy MP they stick us with in my constituency. Strange what the PM look for and how he decides. Also found it hard to understand why the late Dr. Balaji with all his empathy, brains and especially courage was not minister material. Perhaps they are just looking for Yes-men and women who can appear not to be suffering from groupthink.

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