Friday, April 29, 2011

Poll cards arrive

Picked up the poll cards from the letter box this morning. Lots of other mail. Can't remember when I last opened the letter box!

Keep thinking how I should cast my vote. Spoke to some neighbors earlier. In their family they are divided among themselves. According to them, the older folks would still support the PAP. I accept theirs is a lifelong bond. The PAP had failed to forge a similar bond with the rest of us. They could have reinvented government long ago when they started losing people from the community centres. Imagine how grateful my parents' generation world to be able to pop up at the community centres to watch TV. These days, you can have more than one TV to yourself. In fact, you rather have a computer. Instead of chasing us they tried to reinvent the community centres. At best they could only retard the trend. They have no means of connecting with us emotionally. Like teenagers, we grow up and become distant from our parents. Their big mistake is to go into denial thinking that the bond still exists.

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