Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Water Heater

Our about decade old water heater kaput today. Not that is it no longer working. It is just leaking water like a tap that wasn't tightened properly. I wasn't around to hear or see it happen. I was away fetching the kids to school. Wifey heard loud and unfamiliar noises coming from the bathroom. That must be the signal of the breach.

This will be the third time we are using Ariston. The old model, the P5SIN is out of production. A newer one but have exactly the same dimensions as the old one will be delivered sometime in the late morning or afternoon tomorrow. It cost $299 excluding the installation fee of $85.6.

I searched the web to check if the leaking heater is still safe to us. Glad to find out that it still is. Nevertheless I am using cold water at the moment. Honestly hot water is a luxury here because this is the tropics after all.

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