Monday, September 6, 2010

On the way: Big earning tutors

I wonder if a rich-poor divide would eventually appear among private tutors. This will definitely happen if people are surer about the quality of tutors. Too many clients still rely on word of mouth and trial and error to find the right tutors.

Matter of time we get our millionaire tuition teacher. These tutors excel at turning "ugly ducklings" and the mediocre into top performers, but eventually the game must change (may be already have) to their ability to attract high potential students to them (e.g., the Learning Lab). This is completely true in the PSLE, which is a placement exam. 

It is impossible for us to become, "the best place for turning ugly ducklings into swans". It is self defeating and utopian. I didn't recognize it earlier as it came disguised.

The government doesn't understand that Meritocracy eventually defeats itself. Just as Capitalism has a tendency to eats its own children.

Evening dailies' headlines
Sun, Sep 05, 2010
  • Last night's first prize 4-D number 8213 is a permutation of a number written on an altar in a shrine at Yew Tee
  • Local tuition teacher earning $520,000 a year
  • Getai performance at a cemetery to entertain the "hungry ghosts" there
  • 1,500 people visit cemetery at CCK to pray to the "hungry ghosts"
  • Yew Tee shrine helped devotees strike 4-D prizes four times within 12 days
  • Tampines "Hungry Ghost Festival" organisers stopped holding celebrations for 5 years after some people who bid for their auction items failed to pay up
  • Workers at a dormitory at Sg. Kadut claim their belongings were taken from their rooms and thrown outside the building; they have since lodged a police report
  • Indon tycoon passes away in S'pore
  • Fire broke out at a coffeeshop at Bt. Batok Ave. 3, one man hospitalised after inhaling smoke
  • Bookshop in NTU may have broken the law when it photocopied textbooks for students that were out-of-stock
  • Stacks of cardboard being transported by a lorry caught fire all of a sudden when lorry was driving along Hougang
  • Dispute between landlord and tenants at Punggol market over rental contract turn ugly; police called in
  • 50 bars at Duxton Hill were shut during the past 2 years; 7 women were also arrested for exposing their boobs
  • Starhub network at Bukit Timah down on Fri night; residents at terrace houses in area couldn't use their HPs
  • 100 new immigrants take part in Northwest CDC activity
  • No company keen to take up 3 premium bus routes offered by LTA; they say conditions set down by LTA are too harsh
  • 150kg obese man succeeded in losing 50kgs
  • S'pore milk powder exported to China inspected by Chinese authorities and found to contain bacteria


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