Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slow vPost

vPost is really slow. Look at how efficient Amazon.com is. They delivered the goods to the destination and only a few hours ago did vPost processed it and hasn't sent me the request for payment yet. If I didn't sent them a chaser, it might even be slower.

Ship Carrier:FedEx
Tracking Number:447644412731
Status:In transit
Order #:102-1626791-0822622
Shipment Date:August 26, 2010
Destination:PORTLAND, OR, US
Estimated Arrival:August 30, 2010

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DateTimeLocationEvent Details
August 28, 201003:58:00 AMPortland OR USArrival Scan
August 28, 201002:44:00 AMOakland CA USDeparture Scan
August 27, 201007:04:00 PMOakland CA USArrival Scan
August 27, 201005:30:00 PMMemphis TN USDeparture Scan
August 27, 201006:24:00 AMMemphis TN USArrival Scan
August 26, 201011:43:00 PMIndianapolis IN USDeparture Scan
August 26, 201009:34:00 PMIndianapolis IN USShipment received by carrier
August 26, 201004:14:43 PM---Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit
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VPost only acted after TWO DAYS, which is how long it took for Amazon to deliver the goods to them. 

Order No : 52963210216267910822622Shipment No : VS001547795US
Country : USA
Merchant : AMAZON
Product Value : USD 139
Volmetric Weight : 0.4 kg    Actual Weight : 0.5 kg
Dimension : 20.0X 24.0X 5.0 cm
Sender's Name : AMAZON
Product Type : OTHERS
Invoice NoOrder Image(s)Payment StatusProcessed Date
[Image]UNPAID2010-08-31 03:57:19.0


  1. You think that's slow? It took them one week to process my invoice!

  2. omg... one week to process? Shucks... i guess the amt of savings using their lousy service is really not worth the wait.