Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lessons from Toyota

Toyota was right after all. Unintended acceleration was never their fault. They must be feeling so wronged now. What a terrible run of bad luck. The lesson to take away is that as our systems get increasingly complex, we must always develop a way to explain it simply and correctly. Many of us think just because we are educated and have at least a college degree, we have the knowledge and experience to judge? These people haven't been humbled by the financial markets yet. Truth is, we know nothing when what we know is compared to what we do not yet know. These days, life has the habit of thrusting into our face, what we do not know.

No evidence of Toyota throttle faults
A preliminary US government investigation has found no evidence of defects in Toyota’s electronic throttle control systems, pointing instead to driver error as the main cause of accidents blamed on unintended acceleration

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