Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fast Food

For many years, we were collecting and tearing off KFC coupons for cheaper once in a week fast food treat for the children. I don't know when we made the switch to McDonalds. As far as I could remember, except for breakfast and desserts, they have never had a happy meal at McDonalds. Never mind the Big M has sold Happy Meals for a long time.

Today, for the third time in many months we waited for the clock to strike twelve. That is the moment we can buy sets for $4.50. Yes, they have become so pricey here that we feel cheated paying full price. We could get a very good meal at the hawker centre for the price we pay for fast food. You guessed it. I have never been to Carls' Junior. I do not miss Wagyu Beef either. I eat to live. That is the surer way to stay healthy.

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