Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gray Hair

Just read an article from the WSJ,"Pan leads Chinese IPOs" with a line,

Though he has a boyish face that makes him look younger than his years, Mr. Pan's hair has grayed visibly in the run-up to the AgBank IPO, all the more noticeable since most senior political and corporate officials in China dye their hair.

President Obama hair turned rapidly gray months into assuming office. Recently I read again that graying hair is due to the disappearance of hair pigment and usually brought on by age. I think the scientists might have missed something. My hair turned rapidly gray the year my elder daughter experienced great difficulties with school, and the stress persisted for the next four to five years until we have a clearer picture of her condition. But once the hair start to gray this way, it doesn't stop even if the pace might slow.

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