Saturday, July 24, 2010

General Stan McChrystal speaks for us

'Over the past decade, arguably no single American has inflicted more fear, more loss of freedom and more loss of life on our country's most vicious and violent enemies than Stan McChrystal,' US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said during an emotional retirement ceremony. -- PHOTO: AFP

Read this in the AP,

Gen McChrystal complained President Barack Obama had handed him 'an unsellable position' on the war. The general's closest advisers mocked other government officials, including Vice President Joseph Biden, as fools who were ignorant of the complexities of war.

Most leaders are not sufficiently clued in with matters on the ground that would have made a huge difference to the success of the organizations and the welfare of the people they meet. I am not a soldier but I have come across far too many stories of clueless people at the top, armed with fine sounding theories, many from management schools are the latest management fad. An area that is full of such stupidity is implementing an ERP system in an organization. Nearly all the time the working level are worse off and the senior levels got duped into this over promise and under deliver situation by consultants and vendors.

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