Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anti-AIDS gel

Who would use such a gel? Really dumb. If they do it unprotected, based on some mysterious faith or logic, they don't think they are catching it. If they imagine there is risk of infection, 50% reduction in risk, not to mention 90% elimination of infection isn't good enough.

Anyway, we all do dumb things unknowingly. That is the human condition which often can be traced back to original sin. I bet I am going to read concentrated evidence from Dan Ariely etc.,

Adding more:
I learned something new about this topic reading the equivalent story in the WSJ (I have no subscription to the FT). I learned that the women were so much lorded over by the men, they simply do not have a choice. In this situation, this gel would help. I feel sorry for them.

HIV infections halved by gel treatment
A gel applied by women before and after sex has reduced the risk of HIV infection by more than half, according to a ground-breaking study to be released on Tuesday that could help revolutionise prevention.

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