Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gutless Politicians?

Are we living in a world where courage is becoming ever scarcer? I wonder if Obama should not just listen to his Defense Secretary Robert Gates and keep Gen. McChrystal than just allow him to resign. Politics have triumphed over military considerations, and this might turn out to be very costly.

I wonder if Obama is not much more than an extremely eloquent President but too inexperienced to act with confidence. Speeches cannot substitute for effective action. The warnings of his detractors on the campaign trail that he is all words only, I wonder if it is not going to ring loudly true.

Back home, the government stood down from their plan to reduce the weighting of Mother Tongue in the PSLE. Some of my friends and I see this as lacking in political courage. The PM and his Education Minister were so clumsy in their withdrawal. The tail between the legs going out was unmistakable.

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