Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mitch Albom, "Have a Little Faith"

The Christians has left a big vaccum, and the Lord seems to have used a Jew, married to a Christian to write, "Have a Little Faith".

Some highlights:

"At I Am My Brother's Keeper, there were no dues, no drives, no singles nights. Membership grew the old-fashioned way: a desperate need for God"

"Why still serve God?" He smiled weakly. "What else can I do? It's like when everyone was turning away, and Jesus asked the apostles, 'Will you go, too?' And Peter said, 'Where can I go Lord'

I remember this one very well. An important bit missing here, which goes, " have the words of eternal life'. How many times facing the pressure to choose right over wrong, I have prayed this.

"No." He sook his head. "You can't work your way into heaven. Anytime you try and justify yourself with works, you disqualify yourself with works. What I do here, every day, for the rest of my life, is only my way of saying, 'Lord, regardless of what eternity holds for me, let me give something back to you. I know it don't even no scorecard. But let me make something of my life before I go..'"

Not possible to keep and balance a ledger with God. The only appropriate response is worship.

Each of us must find and leave room for faith. Taking your life into your own hands is no way to live. You will never be happy. Such people are not ready for heaven.

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