Monday, September 21, 2009

Ancestral Tablets

Don't you think these three towers that is iconic to the upcoming integrated resorsts (aka casino) look like giant ancestral tablets? This is the result when they are no towering neighbours around to break the view.

When they add the roof which will connect these three towers over the next few months, it will look like an altar. People can climb up and "pray to heaven" for luck before going downstairs to try their luck, which I am sure would be bad luck for most. No net wealth is produced here. It is meaningful only to Singapore if many foreigners come to enjoy themselves and leave their money here, the faster they do it the better. We are not defrauding them, it is just commerce. I don't think it is value for money. It is leveraging human weakness but we will make sure to minimize the impact on the host - Singapore's heartland families.

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